AP80-48, 80-120 Amp Non-touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter Consumable Set, Use for CHF-50 CHF-60 and APC-70HF

  • Brand: AM
  • Product Code: AP80-48
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  • AMICO Power Designed Professional Pilot Arc Consumables Set. After tens of thousands of times experiment and practical use, determined to maintain the best performance of the plasma torch.
  • Can be used in high frequency contact 80-120A following up of air plasma arc cutting machine series products, high-frequency air plasma is suitable for various brands of 80-120A following cutting machine.
  • Electrode and shunts made of very rare metal – chromium, can withstand extremely high temperatures, has strong durability, the duration is five times longer than other products, extremely suited for professional cutting.
  • Bakelite cup use the high quality, high temperature resistant material of professional production, with high mechanical strength, good insulation, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, also has the function of explosion-proof, very safe.
  • Plasma cutter torch roller guide use high temperature resistant material professional custom, production process is very delicate, wheel positioning is very reasonable and lubrication, Is the most high-end products all other roller guide.
  • Total 48-pieces of 80-120A P80 Consumables: 20-pieces Electrodes, 20-pieces Shunts, 6-pieces Bakelite cups and 2-pieces Torch Roller Guides.

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