AG-60 / SG-55, 13-Feet Air Plasma Cutter Cutting Torch Gun, Use for CUT-50 / CUT-60 / CTS-200 / APC-50 / APC-60

  • Brand: AM
  • Product Code: AG-60 / SG-55
  • Availability: In Stock


SG55-13 / AG-60

13-Feet 60-Amp Plasma Cutting Torch Gun (SG55/AG-60), For CUT-50, CUT-60, CTS-200 & APC-50, APC-60

  • 13 Feet SG55/AG-60 plasma torch assembly, max. 239 psi air pressure, 60% duty cycle at 60 amp
  • High frequency ignition, very easy to start arc, post flow: 60 sec. recommended
  • The cutting torch head is made of high quality material, with good flame retardation
  • Plasma cutting is characterized with high cutting speed, high precision, good cutting effect and small thermal deformation.
  • Special customized for AMICO CUT-50, CUT-60, CUT-45M, CUT-55M, CTS-200, ACP-50, APC-60


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