MIG15200, 200 Amp 15 Feet MIG Welder Welding Torch Gun Assembly, Use for MTS-205 MTS-185 MTS-165

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Beautiful appearance, solid structure, fine craft, high quality brass 100% cable components, professional high quality welding torch, is your best choice.


According to the welding of the human body mechanics, design the MIG-15200 welding torch of success. Welding will not be tired for a long time.


Welding torch heads can be arbitrary Angle adjustment and turning, suitable for welding difficult corner and top.


This 15 feet long gun will handle .023”, .024”, .025”, .030”, .035” and .045” diameter welding wires, It standard with .035” diameter tip in the welding gun.


MIG-15200 will feed all types of wire, steel wire, stainless steel wire using gas, flux cored wire requiring no gas. With a Teflon liner, you can feed aluminum wire. 


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